About Us

Years ago, GayJews.com was the very first online dating service for gay Jews. There were over 25,000 active users around the world. Unfortunately, taking care of the community as it grew became impossible, especially with a day-job, etc.

Now, GayJews is reborn (okay, that sounds a little Christian, or soap-opera-like, but still!) as a content management company, providing online marketing, social marketing, and overall digital consulting for Jewish LGBT (and we are happy to add other letters like Q. We’ve even been trying come up with a meaning for the “ə” [pronouced "shwah," really!]) Organizations, Web Sites, Congregations, etc., etc.

Once upon a time, way back in 1997, GayJews.com’s tag-line was “Sometimes you just need a nice piece of tuchess.” That’s still true today. But it turns out there’s so much more than tuchess out there and we want to help our community find all of it. :) We are committed to strengthening the gay Jewish community and its ties to Israel by supporting the many organizations who’ve taken that on as their mission. If we can help you, please do let us know.

But we’re not working only with LGBTQ or Jewish organizations. So, if you like our magic, just contact Yanir Dekel to get the “special package” of content and marketing that fits your business.